Which digital camera is the best deal and right for me?

I’m in search of a new Nikon camera (body only). My main camera began to give me problems this weekend. But which is the right camera deal for me?

Digital cameras have advanced tremendously in the last several years that I’m due for a newer version. I checked the actuation’s on my Nikon and with about 41,000 pics I feel after it gets repaired I will be able to use it as a backup camera for a few more years.

An “actuation” for those who don’t know, is each cycle a shutter opens and closes, essentially the number of pictures the camera has taken in its life.

So now comes the fun part! Researching the latest cameras and finding the right one that meets my criteria. Since all I have are Nikon lenses (Nikon makes the best lenses in my opinion) I’ll be sticking with a new Nikon body.

Like the rest of you, I too have a budget and I don’t buy simply because its the newest and latest model. I purchase cameras that make sense for me.

In the past, I’ve purchased new and used cameras, there is nothing wrong with buying used, especially if you know how to get a good deal. Or buying a later model that is no longer produced, Nikon does this all the time.

For example back in 2005 they introduced the Nikon D70s, while most camera shops where still selling the Nikon D70. For several hundred dollars less you could purchase a D70.

When it comes to digital camera’s, it pays to do research. I’ll keep you posted on which I get. Will it be the Nikon D90, D700, or other? Full frame or 3/4ths? Which one do you use? Comment on this post and let me know which camera you prefer, regardless of brand, I want to know!

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