Using nature as your backdrop for a photo shoot!

A friend of mine who is not a photographer and was planning to shoot some casual photos of his family with a Point & Shoot digital camera asked me earlier today if he should invest in a backdrop. My answer to that instantly was NO! Why would anyone want to spend money on something they would probably only use once or twice? I wouldn’t.

Whenever I shoot outdoors or indoors in public buildings, I try to find walls or areas where I can use as a backdrop. One technique I use often, and I know I’ve mentioned it before, is using green grass when shooting at a park or large backyard. I sent over my friend this photo and explained to him what to look for so he wouldn’t waist his money. In the photo on the right, I found a tree trunk on the side of a hill with a lot of greenery. Because it was in an incline, the background easily became my background. If it was flat, then I would have photographed in a downward angle.

Next time you’re at a park at a family picnic, give it a try, but make sure the grass is a solid bright color.

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