Update on my experience with Nikon’s Repair and Warranty Service.

About 12 days ago, I mentioned how a Nikon lens I took on vacation in December began to give me problems then eventually became stuck, unable to zoom or focus properly. Original post HERE. I was able to find my original receipt and warranty cards, the original 1 yr and the additional 4 yrs Nikon offers for lenses if you send in the card at the time of purchase. I’ve owned it over 4 1/2 yrs and my extended warranty was about to end in a few months! Easily a replacement lens would have cost me a few hundred dollars!

Today I called to check the status and it was ready for pickup. I live near a Nikon Service Center so I decided to drive by and pick up the lens. Easily and with a smile, the clerk took my receipt, took it to the back and returned with my, now working, Nikon lens! No charge of course, since the warranty took care of it! I’ve had other warranty work done in the past, but I had never had a problem where over 4 yrs had passed and Nikon still fixed it for free, until today!

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