Too Many New DSLR’s in the Market? One Man Thinks So!

New DSLR camera’s are being introduced left and right. Nikon and Canon alone have launched a few since the start of the year. Is that too many? One photographer seems to think so.

Take a look at this rant by Youtube user envymeimages:

Ten or 15 years ago, when a consumer would purchase a new camera, most of their time was spent taking pictures or learning how to improve their craft. Now? The tide seems to have turned.

Before the age of the internet one of the few sources for new photography gear was a monthly subscription to Popular Photography magazine, today we have instant access to hundreds of online sites marketing the latest photo gear.

Now in some ways we feel a little “cheated” whenever a new camera is introduced with better features. Have the camera companies learned from Apple by making our camera equipment feel old and “obsolete” by a so called better camera’s introduced only a year apart? I think so.

To be honest I too have fallen for this trap. Will things change? Probably not, for many people, camera gear is more than just a tool for taking photos, it’s become an obsession to have the latest and most expensive gear.

Perhaps the man in the rant video has a point. We all need to slow down a bit and appreciate to use our current gear. So make an effort each week to take more pictures and read less about photo gear!

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