The Megapixel war goes on!

A friend wanted some advice on a camera he wanted to buy. He knows I have a variety of camera’s from 6 Megapixels to 14 Megapixels. He was going to use it for simple family photos and to upload to the web to share with friends and family. A 6 Megapixel in its original size looks like this click here, when sharing a photo online, you will need to re-size the photo so most people will be able to see in on their monitor, like the photo below. So can you imagine how much larger a 14 Megapixel image would be? Well, here is one 14 megapixel image, click here. You can see how its too large to be sharing online to friends and family. So for what he will be using the camera, he does not need a high Megapixel camera, so no need to spend a lot of money on a camera. And this goes for the majority of the people out there. Don’t get caught up on the Megapixel question, find a camera that feels good on your hands and has features you like and will use!

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