Take better pictures with the new Canon Powershot G11?

Canon Powershot G11 is it better
Canon Powershot G11

**UPDATE: The Canon G11 is the older model, as of 2011, the newer and better Canon G12 is the better buy. It does everything the G11 did and better!

Recently Canon came out with the new Canon Powershot G11, about a year after they came out with the Canon Powershot G10, why you ask? Beats me. But there are two major differences from the G10 and G11, one being the smaller LCD display that now flips out. Seems convenient, but the screen drops in size from a 3 inch to a 2.8 inch, it also adds a little more bulk to the camera. The other noticeable change is the drop in megapixels, from 14 in the G10 to 10 for the G11. Makes sense, as most of you have read all my posts about my feeling towards the megapixel wars and how unimportant it really becomes after a certain point.

I currently own a G10 and recently handled a G11 a friend purchased, there are more differences, but they are small, the two main ones are those above. So what does all this mean for someone looking to get a high end compact camera? Well, that all depends on you. Want the latest greatest gadget, then get the Canon G11 and shoot away. Want to spend a little less and get the bargain of the year? Find one of the many sales out there during the xmas season selling their new Canon G10’s and take the same photos you would have on a G11! Or better yet, a used G10 for a couple of hundred dollars.

Picture of the new Canon Powershot G11 below, followed by a photo of Crystal who doesn’t care what type of camera you use as long as you know how to use it!

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