Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here and I love it! This time of year means great shooting locations, like the beach, park and outdoor public places. Throughout the year, I’m constantly scouting new areas to shoot during the summer months. Taking time to plan and knowing what time of day is best for each location is key. After all, once you’ve set up a photo shoot, your equipment and time is worth money. So whenever possible, plan ahead.

For parks, visit them ahead of time around the same time of the week and hour you plan to shoot. If you’re planning to shoot on a weekend morning, then don’t go on a Monday afternoon to scout it out, this won’t help you much. Also, call ahead to the city and find out if you need a permit. Usually for casual shooting, a permit is not needed, but you don’t want any unexpected surprises.

Same goes for beach locations, try to stay away from highly populated beached on the weekend. Not only will the people get in your way, but the local patrol might not allow you to use stand alone strobes, as this will signal to them that it’s a professional shoot and ask for a permit. So prepare and plan ahead, and have fun!

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