Stress can kill you

You know the saying “stress can kill you”?

Well, until now it was only a saying I heard from my doctor to take it easy. But after years of extreme stress and pressure, it finally hit me bad! It literally made me physically ill from extreme migraine type headaches lasting more than 2 weeks to physical ailments needing emergency treatment at the ER.

Forget the chest pains those are nothing, problems due to extreme prolonged stress can cause problems months, even years after you go through it.

A little helpful tip to my readers, take stress seriously. Photography has always been an “outlet” for me when it came to stress and I must admit, this last year I have not done it as often as I’d like.

If photography is your profession, then take some time away from the “work” and take pictures for fun. Try something different, where you don’t have a deadline or someone to please other than yourself with the pictures you take. Or better yet, take some time off from photography. And if you are not into photography, take it up for fun it really is a stress reliever.

Taking pictures for fun and not work is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Well that’s enough for my stress management for photographers bit, next time I’ll get back to talking about photography again. Which by the way has anyone pre-ordered the new Nikon D7000? Stay healthy and have fun!

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