Spring, warm weather and a cool iPhone app for DSLR video.

Life is busy lately and seems there isn’t enough time in the day to complete everything in a timely manner. Shuffling photo projects, editing, home improvements and to top it all off this past month I battled city hall on some zoning issues! The zoning issue was time consuming, but I won and saved myself thousands of dollars in yearly costs, so I was happy about that one.

However there is one thing to look forward now, and that is warmer weather, which means more outdoor shooting! It was over 75 degrees here all week and Spring is only a day away. I’ll also be using my regular outdoor locations more often and attending photographer events. Finally, more “fun” stuff to photograph rather than all this work!

I also plan to purchase some new photography equipment, some to replace old equipment, like new studio soft boxes, but also a new camera body. Most likely getting the Nikon D90 from Amazon, so far the best price with the new instant rebates. Although you never know, I might get the full frame Nikon D700!

I know many of you now have the latest Nikon and Canon DSLR’s and have used the movie function, I’ve used it as well in a limited way.  However I’d like to take it a step further and try creating a short movie clip with different scenes. I found this nifty little iPhone application Dream Filmmaker that allows me to create a storyboard on my iPhone, no matter where I’m at! I’ve tried it a few times and like the way I can setup my scenes whenever I think of them, instead of having to write or sketch them down.

I feel better now knowing I have a few “fun” things to look forward these next few months! By the way, I plan on doing a few special things in the next couple of weeks here on Outletphotography so be sure to check back often or subscribe by adding your email on the top right, its free!

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