Practice, practice, practice…then more practice!

Someone emailed me wanting to know how to get into photography. I answered, get into to it because you like taking pictures, not because you like cameras.

It doesn’t work that way, at least for me it didn’t. I practiced, practiced and practice more every day. I read and asked a lot of questions about methods, equipment, lighting. You must first learn the basics of photography before you start shooting people.

But once you start shooting and practicing, shoot what interests you! If buildings interest you, then find some nice ones to photograph, go to a museum.

If nature is your thing, take a stroll along a park or go for a hike.

If its people, grab a friend and use him or her to practice.

Then take notes as you shoot, camera settings, lighting and such. Then go back home and look at the images and see why they came out the way they did and compare it with your notes. Then go out and try to correct them.

Happy shooting!

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