Portable model changing room for location photo shoots.

I want to share a nice little gadget/accessory that I always carry in my car. I don’t always use it, but comes in handy during outdoor photo shoots, especially at the beach. As most of you who follow my site, I enjoy shooting outdoors on location. Sometimes there will be a restroom for the people to change, but many times the only thing near by is a tree or bush and most people I know don’t appreciate changing behind it! So what do I do? I carry my own portable changing room!

It folds up very nicely and but expands to a full portable changing room. Something so simple yet so useful. I probably have used it 2-3 times a year and its one of those things I often overlook until someone points it out to me at how useful it was. A few weeks ago, I was photographing two people and it was very useful because the nearest restroom and our car was more than a 15 minute walk.

Another added benefit is the appreciation the people have for the privacy I created for them. They feel more at ease and relaxed knowing that the photographer goes out of their way to accommodate them. Well worth the $50 or so it cost me.

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