Nikon D7000 price drop

Nikon D7000 body onlyThe price for the Nikon D7000 kit has dropped recently. Unlike the D700 which has recently increased in price, the high demand earlier this year has left a surplus of the D7000.

Amazon is currently selling the kit version for only $1,425. That’s $74 less than it was selling a few days ago. The body only version is still at $1199.

Who knows what the future lies with Nikon products, since the terrible tragedies in Japan. Of course they’ll continue, but supplies I’m sure will be lower than usual for the rest of the year, so the lower price of the D7000 by Amazon makes it an even better deal.

Who knows when we’ll see another price drop on the Nikon D7000, I suspect it won’t happen until mid or late summer.

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