Nikon D7000 at the ice skating rink

girls ice skating with skinny jeans, leggings or jeans?Yesterday I went out with some friends to test out my Nikon D7000. The first of the year turned out to be a beautiful cool day in southern California. So we went out to an outdoor ice skating arena. I was able to test it out a bit. Interestingly enough I found some of the problems others have found on the D7000, which is a bit of a soft focus issue.

However, after making some minor adjustments, like increasing the focus/sharpness level up, that problem seemed to go away. Unlike other new camera’s, this one needs to be adjusted to your shooting preference. It is not a straight out of the box type of a camera. By that I mean, out of the box it takes ok images, but to get the best of out of it, you need to fiddle with it a little. Not a big problem for me, it’s all part of the learning process when getting a new camera body.

I took many photos including some random shots of the skaters in the rink. The image on the right, taken with my D7000 is a crop from a larger shot, with minor correction on Photoshop CS3, original image was a jpg not raw.

But the important question: “What to wear when going ice skating? Jeans, leggings or skinny jeans?” This is a question I heard someone ask at the rink. I guess we southern Californians are not to savvy when it comes to ice skating fashion! 😉 But if you must know, my extensive research tells me one should wear these specific Ice Skating Pants.

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    November 22, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    i am a southern californian too and i came across this while googling that same question…
    any answers anyone?


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