New Nikon cameras rumored to be announced in September

For several months I’ve been waiting for Nikon to announce and release their new DSLR cameras. This year I must admit, Canon is ahead of the game and it almost seems strange that Nikon hasn’t released a new replacement for the D700, with more MP’s and HD video comparable to Canon. Not that I was in the market for a new Nikon D700s or whatever they plan on calling it, but I always expect Nikon and Canon to match each other.

The only rumored announced by Nikon next month is the D90 and D3000 replacements, which may be named the Nikon D95 and D3100 respectively, according to I’ve noticed that the price of the D90 has gone back up to its regular price in the mid $850 and has not dropped to its low earlier in the year of $745. This tells me they were trying to liquidate their supply and the few that are left are being listed now at regular price. With Nikon, this normally happens a few months before they are about to release a new camera model.

But who knows, we may have to wait longer. For those waiting for a Nikon D700s to be announced or released, you may need to hold on a little longer.

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