My rechargeable batteries almost ruined my photo shoot!

Don’t let faulty¬†rechargeable batteries ruin your photo shoot.

The day before a shoot I chose to buy a new set of rechargeable batteries for my SB 800 flash, so I picked up a set at the local store. I figured they were all the same. Oh, how I regret this decision.

After charging them the required time, the following day during the shoot I instantly noticed something was wrong. By checking the preview image I realized the photos were either over exposed or under exposed.

I could tell that each time the flash went off the power was¬†inconsistent. First I thought perhaps the flash was not attached to the hot shoe correctly. After trying to fix it on the spot, I tried a few more shots…it would fire at full power no matter what my camera was doing. I stopped shooting right away. I was sure the batteries would damage my flash.

The following day I purchased a new set of batteries online. But this time I didn’t go for the cheap ones. After receiving them a few days later and some test shots, everything was back to normal.

I learned my lesson, but it cost me. Although I was able to capture some great images, I was handicapped because of the choice of batteries I purchased.

I added a link to amazon to the batteries I ended up getting…the ones that worked! If you ever need rechargeable batteries, I recommend these, they worked for me. Get them at Amazon or your local store. I use the 1 hour charger with the car adapter, this way I can have two sets and if needed charging one set while using the other. These are the batteries: ¬†Sanyo Eneloop

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