Long Beach Grand Prix – Tecate Light Private Tent Party 2013

Tecate Girls
Long Beach Grand Prix Tecate Light Promotional Models

I attended the 2013 Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix (LBGP) this past weekend, including the Tecate Light tent party.

Sunday proved to be the main event, with live music from El Conjunto Nueva Ola, a visit from Evander Holyfield, Tommy Hearns, and of course the talented Tecate Light models and dancers.

From fast cars to the beautiful promotional models, really how can one go wrong? This is an event photographers dream come true.

Ok I must admit, the real question is whether the spectators (me) are there to see the car races or the sexy girls posing next to them?

I’ll try to explore this question with a series of photos. I’ve separated the photos into four different sections:

  • Lifestyle Expo
  • Long Beach Grand Prix Outdoors
  • Tecate Light Private Tent Party
  • Swisher Racing Girls

Note: this is more about my friend and I covering the event (as spectators not as paid photographers) than it is about cameras and technique. I’ll do a follow up on camera equipment and how to take photos at an event like this later.

Tip: To see the images as a slide, click on the first image then use your curser/next button to navigate through the images. Or right click and open in a new tab to see the full high resolution images.

Lifestyle Expo

The Long Beach Grand Prix surrounds the Convention Center where the Lifestyle Expo is held throughout the weekend. Many car related companies have booths with giveaways, photo opportunities and of course yes…models.

Here’s a few photos from the Expo area in the Convention Center.

Convention Center

Long Beach Grand Prix Outdoors

The Grand Prix area is large, from the Rainbow Marina up to Ocean Blvd, the area is closed off unless you have a ticket. So one must expect to do a lot of walking.

Here are a few photos from the various outdoor locations.

Super Photo Ticket

Most of the hired photographers (or those who purchased a Super Photo Ticket go around taking pictures from special areas that are normally off limits to the public). I didn’t do that, there are literally too many paid photographers all taking pictures of similar things. At the Grand Prix I prefer to capture the people, after all that’s what makes this event so much fun!

Tecate Light Private Tent Party

Like I mentioned earlier, this year a good photographer friend and I obtained tickets to the private Tecate Light tent party on Sunday. As you can imagine, lots of food, live music and entertainment. But there were also a couple of nice surprises.

First, a very popular Mexican  musical group called Conjunto Nueva Ola entertained the audience with some crazy fun music. Then the host announced that we were going to have two visitors – Evander Holyfield & Tommy Hearns!

So in no particular order, here are the photos.

Tecate Tent Party
Private Tecate Concert of El Conjunto Nueva Ola at the Long Beach Grand Prix

Swisher Racing Girls

While we were walking around in the Lifestyle Expo area, we ran into an impromptu photo shoot with the driver and models for Swisher Racing.

Here are a few shots of what we stumbled upon…

Long Beach Grand Prix
Driver and Swisher Girls Posing for Camera
Promotional models
Swisher models posing for us at the Long Beach Grand Prix 2013

Finally, you must be asking yourself, did you even take pictures of any of the cars? Well yes I did. Here it is:

Track side
Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2013

So in my unofficial scientific test/observation, the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix is more than just a car racing event, it’s whatever you want to make of it. But one thing is for sure, it’s a lot of fun. Want to see the races? Done. Want to see the Expo? Do that too. But if you want to know why many men love this event, just look over all the photos on this page one more time!

One final note. A special thanks to NachoPix who helped take some of these photos and get us access to the Sunday events. Plus all those who made the Tecate Tent Party so much fun, including the band el Conjunto Nueva Ola and all the Tecate Light models and dancers.

Any questions regarding this article and photos can be addressed to ray at outletphotography.com.

2 thoughts on “Long Beach Grand Prix – Tecate Light Private Tent Party 2013

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    April 30, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Wow. I had no idea there was a tecate tent in that area. Do they sell tickets to this? I didnt see that option on the lbgp website.

    • avatar
      May 1, 2013 at 3:42 pm

      No, actually they don’t sell tickets to that part of the Grand Prix area. It’s usually for the sponsors to have and throw a VIP party for their own guests. All I know is that it was a lot of fun! Can’t wait for 2014!


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