How I use existing window light to enhance my pictures.

Photo taken with window light
Using existing light to enhance your pictures.

Knowing when to use available light while photographing people can enhance your pictures to a new level. Whenever possible I try to use existing light, but it takes some practice to get it right. Knowing how use the right settings in your camera is important, but you also need to position your subject in the right area or angle.

I photographed the woman on the right using the light from a large window. It was an overcast yet bright day, so the light shining in was soft and diffused.

I took a few pictures with my on camera flash, but that created a terrible shadow.  So I turned off my flash and positioned her next to the large window, while she stood almost leaning against the wall, the diffused light exposed the right side of her face perfectly.

If you also notice, the background is out of focus. I did this by backing up a little and using my Nikon 80-200mm 2.8AF-D lens wide open. Have you noticed from my other posts that I use this lens often? Its one of my favorite lens and I use it in many occasions, especially in low light situations, like this one.

Now back to the photo…the light from the window created a dramatic mood, in my opinion it was a winner! The image shown was only re-sized for online viewing, but no photo editing was done to it.


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