Give glamour photography a try!

I had lunch with a photographer friend of mine a few days ago, its always fun to exchange ideas and experiences with someone with similar interests. He tends to work with more figure models, shooting in B&W, with the occasional sports photography.

I’ve worked with him in the past, in group shoot settings. I really enjoy his unique style of posing the subjects.  His ease in making the models comfortable during the shoots allowed us to create some great images.

Glamour photography is not for everyone, but for some it’s worth a try. It’s not what most people think, there doesn’t need to be any nudity, although sometimes it can push the limits. It’s more of creating images that accentuate the beauty and personality of the model without being vulgar or crude.

This is why the person being photographed must understand how to pose, move and create that special “look” the photographer is going for. Its almost like acting. The photographer must find the best features of the model and help her pose in a manner that captures it.

If you’re new to photography or glamour, I’m sure you’ll see lots of “posing” cards or “how to” sample poses being sold online. There are lots of great ones out there. But there is a free one, as long as you don’t mind that its in the German language, but the poses are universal! You can download the pdf file here from the German photo site The file is large, about 50 megs, but its a great free posing guide. Thanks to for this great free visual guide.

Also, I’ve included other posing guide options for photographers in this review.


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