DIY Digital Camera stabilizer setup

Every once in a while I come across something online that is too good to keep for myself. Like you, I enjoy reading other photography sites, once such site I enjoy and follow is called CheesyCam. Although it mostly deals with video on DSLR’s, I find it very useful for still photography.

A couple of months ago they posted a great DIY “bodypod”, which is basically a rigged up monopod with a sling that allows you to keep your digital camera somewhat stable. The monopod bottom is connected to a sling which hangs around your neck. By attaching your camera to the top of the monopod, the camera is supported by the downward pressure of the camera. Plus the site states it can be created for about $15, not a bad deal.

It’s not meant as a replacement for a real stabilizer, but after viewing their video below, I think this setup would be perfect for certain digital still situations. I for one could use this as I take surfing photos in Huntington Beach off of a pier so I could constantly move. Less equipment to carry is always a good thing! Of course I’m not sure if using a large lens would be a good idea for this setup. Either way, it’s a neat idea that some people can find useful.

You can see the full setup and description on the CheesyCam site.

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