Depth of field in a head shot

Following up on my last post regarding depth of field (DOF), I wanted to share a sample of a head shot where I used a wide open aperture setting to get the right look. In the image to the left, you can see how the eyes and the rest of the face is focused, but the hair only an inch or so away (closer to me), is out of focus. The camera settings for this image were, f/3.2 at a 1/160 sec shutter speed using my 80-200mm 2.8 AFD lens. I shot it at 112mm, so I could get in close, I also cropped it a little on PS CS3.

In fact, its difficult to see, but the tip of the nose is a little out of focus, but that’s ok since my main focus was to highlight the eyes. To get this image I took about 3-5 different shots. Several of them came out great, this is one of them.

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