Cool Nikon D800 Unboxing videos

Since a few “regular” folks are starting to get the new Nikon D800 delivered to them, it’s normal to start seeing some “unboxing” videos for all of us to drool over.

Plus, a few people have managed to pickup a D800 at local Best Buy stores, if you really need it today and don’t mind if it’s been played with at the store already then call around and see if you can snag one.

However, I’m not a big fan of buying expensive camera equipment at Best Buy. Like I’ve said before, the probability that it’s been opened or used at some point is high. Remember, buying electronics at Best Buy or other brick and mortar stores is like buying a car. At a car dealership one can test drive before buying. Although it has already been used, legally it can still be sold as “new” under the law.

If I was going to buy a camera from a brick and mortar store, I’ll do it from a reputable local camera shop those people at least know how to handle photo equipment.

But back to the videos.

Below are a few videos to keep you entertained just in case yours has not arrived, which I’m sure will be very soon.

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