Cars and Spokesmodel Girls at the 2011 LA Auto Show

LA Auto Show spokesmodel Megan

UPDATE: You can see the newest LA Auto Show Girls and Cars Gallery HERE.

The 2011 L.A. Auto Show started last week and runs through November 27, 2011. I spent a few hours this past weekend photographing cars and of course some of the very talented and knowledgeable female spokesmodels at the show, like Megan, Breanna and Michelle Kroesing.

The girls of the LA Auto Show are very much up to date on the cars. All were more than happy to answer any questions I had about the show and/or cars.

The popular cars this year are smaller family suv type vehicles. All the major car companies had several small models that could seat up to 7 passengers.

Of course the second most popular cars were the Smart and Fiat vehicles. The pretty Megan, the model on the left was showcasing several Fiat cars that were very stylish.

Personally I loved the smaller cars, but I was surprised to see that the gas mileage was not that much different from a regular Honda Civic (manual transmission). So I understand why they were focusing more on the “style” and how sexy and sleek their cars looked rather than the gas mileage.

Since this is a photography site, I want to add that the images were taken with a Nikon D7000. Because of the various lighting issues I had planned to take a Nikon SB flash, but unfortunately I left it at home in a different bag. I had to make due with a higher ISO and/or on camera flash.

As for any highlights, well I did run into a couple of famous people, Blake Griffin and Rob Dyrdek. Those photos are shown below. Some of the highlights shooting the female models included Michele Kroesing, who I mentioned before. I added a special bonus video of her as well.

If you’re in the LA area this week, and want to capture some nice pictures of cars and people in general, this is a good event. Plus if you attend during the week, you can get an auto show discount for the admission.

Rather than describe my entire day, I think it’s best to do it with pictures taken at the 2011 LA Auto show.

2011 Chrysler Latina model model 2011 HIN
electric car LA Auto Show 2011 celebrity smallest car
LA Clippers Continental GT

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