Camera Outlet Stores To Save You Money

photographyLooking for a real photography camera outlet store? Here is my top list of outlet shops that carry DSLR’s, lenses and video cameras.

Many places say they are outlets, but they’re really not. Having a temporary discounts on camera’s are not outlet prices. True photography outlets have items listed at a discount until they are sold, not just for promotion or as a door buster.

Here are the sites and stores I personally shop and have found some great deals. The list includes online and traditional brick ‘n mortar stores. Many stock new and discounted photo equipment because they are old models and/or refurbished.

Inventory changes quickly, so you need to visit them often.

It’s not unusual to see two different prices for the same camera. The reason? Condition, “returned” items may have some of the manuals or batteries missing (they always state what comes with the camera so read carefully). Or perhaps the camera was a floor model with little cosmetic wear.

Don’t jump at the first deal, shop around you might find a better price.

Photography and Video Camera Outlet Stores

  • Sears Camera Outlet Stores – Save on average about 30%-50%. This is one of the longest running photography and video camera outlet store you can find. They have an online version as well as many traditional brick n mortar outlet stores. I have one near me in Santa Ana California, these places are big and carry lots of new, returns and refurbished electronics, including photo equipment.
  • Amazon Camera Outlet – Save 25% – 50%. What most people don’t know is that Amazon has an outlet “department”. They don’t promote it much, but here you can save up to 50% (sometimes more) on photography equipment. I purchased a point & shoot for $75 that 9 months earlier was listed at $299! The area is difficult to find from the front page, so use the link I provided.
  • Adorama Outlet – Refurbished cameras only, save 10% – 30%. This area of Adorama camera’s will show you only the refurbished items. You can find DSLR’s, lenses, video camera and anything else that Adorama normally stocks, except all are refurbished. Read the details carefully to see who did any of the refurbishing.
  • Best Buy Outlet Center – Save 30% – 40%. Again, one of the larger online places you can find discounted digital camera’s. The inventory here updates often. However, this outlet site is only online. Expect to find more items that were returned or “open box”. This outlet site tends to carry more point & shoot and video camera’s than it does DSLR’s. The reason? As soon as a Nikon or Canon DSLR come up for sale, it’s quickly snatched up. So visit often.
  • Sony Outlet Store – Save 20% – 40%. Here you’ll find all of the Sony digital camera’s at discounted prices. Some are older models, but the majority are current refurbished cameras. Still you should be able to find good deals if you’re in the market for a Sony camera.
  • Nikon Outlet Store (USA) – Save 15% – 30%. The Nikon camera outlet site carries mostly refurbished items, however on occasion you’ll find new but older DSLR’s, lenses and flashes. You might not get the biggest discount, but what you do get is Nikon’s warranty. At least you know it was Nikon USA who refurbished the item, all other outlets may sell refurbished items but you may not know who does the refurbishing.
  • Canon Camera Outlet (USA) – Save 15% – 30%. The Canon online website sells new merchandise, but it also sells a lot of refurbished cameras. Like the Nikon USA site, with Canon you know that they refurbished their own stuff so it’s restored to original factory conditions. You may not save as much, but you do have the peace of mind that it’s in good condition.

Going the route of getting photo equipment from an outlet store can save you money, but it can also be a little risky. Read the full description of each item and most importantly, find out the return policy. If possible always pay with credit card, here in the U.S. you’ll have more protection that way.

Good luck!

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