nikon n4004sI’m a southern California photographer who lives for taking pictures.

I purchased my first camera in 1989, a Nikon N4004s, not the best camera to learn photography but it was enough to get me going. Since then I’ve owned/used many film cameras, like the Nikon FG-10, FM, N90, F4. I’m also familiar with many Canon film camera’s like the Canon AE-1 and Rebel. In the new digital age, I’ve owned and used the Nikon D70, D90, D300s, D700 and the most current D7000 (as of Jan 2011). In the world of Canon, I’m more familiar with their powershot compact G series cameras, as well as some of the new DSLR’s. I especially love the color Canon produces for landscapes, beach shots and anything outdoors. As for lenses, well there are too many to mention, honestly I don’t remember them all.

Using these cameras and lenses for more than 20 years doesn’t make me an expert, so I don’t pretend to be one. What I write about on this site is only my opinion based on these 20+ years of photographing places, models, events, buildings, and all kinds of “stuff”. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I try to be a little funny, or at least I try! 😉 It may not always seem that way.

This site started in 2008, first on blogspot.com then I moved it to it’s own url, outletphotography.com. Since then the site has gone through a transformation, mainly in the form of more detailed and informative posts. In the beginning, the site was a place where I could share my photos, mostly modeling pictures. Soon, the time and money needed to continue the site required I make some changes. Since the site is entirely free and provided many funny/interesting original images, I needed to find a way to at least “break even” and find a way to pay for the site to continue.

Amazon Links help support this site.

Google ads are nice, but what really helps me to continue providing updates are the Amazon links. I personally use Amazon.com all the time, both for purchasing camera’s and lenses, but also for all types of electronics, books, and household items. They have the best customer service on the internet and the most secure, that is most important. So by using my Amazon.com links to purchase your items directly helps me maintain this site, and for that I am extremely grateful.




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