A list of the photography gear I use

After several requests from visitors to the site I finally added a list of my photography gear. This is the exact equipment I currently use. It’s not a complete list, because these are only those that can be found online on Amazon. Yes, I set it up through Amazon, and no I don’t expect people to purchase these exact items. But it was an easy way for me to list them and have the descriptions and current prices easily posted.

I also use some older Nikon bodies not listed and other equipment no longer sold, so perhaps later this month or next I’ll create an easier list on a regular update. But for now, this was the easier way. And if you do feel inclined to buy anything from Amazon, please consider using any one of my link as it’s the best way to support this website.

If you haven’t already noticed, I primarily use Nikon as my main DSLR camera and lenses, while I use Canon for my point & shoot choice. This setup works for me, but it may not work for you. My recommendation would be to visit your local camera shop and handle the camera/lens you plan to purchase if it’s your first one. Then buy it online, as it always seems to be listed at a better price, plus if you buy it from a reputable source like Amazon, your purchase is protected.

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