25 Steps Towards Taking Better Pictures

taking better pictures25 Steps towards taking better pictures. I’m sure there’s more, but we have to start somewhere!

Who doesn’t want to be a better photographer? Anyone who owns a camera loves showing off their pictures. Whether it be through a photo album or a social sharing site like Facebook or Flickr.

What may seem like a great photo to me may not be to you. I love taking pictures, but don’t we all wonder what the person looking at our photos is really thinking? Images that appeal to everyone in the same way can never happen, however there are things we can do to help us create photos that may are appreciated by the general public.

Improving one’s photography skills is always the goal. Working towards this goal is actually easier than one may think. Here are 25 steps you can take towards taking better pictures that both you and the viewer will love!

25 Steps for taking better pictures:

1. Colorful images generally invoke positive response , focus on capturing vibrant natural colors.

2. A picture of a person smiling, laughing and enjoying life will get more “likes” on and off Facebook.

3. Take pictures that tell a story. Pictures that make people think are always winners.

4. Showcase only your best work. Just because you took 100 pictures doesn’t mean you should show them all.

5. Take pictures often. Doing something often will often make you better at it.

6. Take a camera with you at all times.

7. Be prepared. You best photos could be those you didn’t plan for.

8. Know the rule of thirds then forget about it.

9. Take pictures of happy people. It will make you and the viewer happy as well.

10. When taking pictures of kids, shoot at their eye level.

11. Try using a fixed lens. This will cause you to move more and often capture better quality pictures.

12. Use a compact camera or DSLR instead of a cell phone camera.

13. Focus on taking pictures, not snapshots.

14. Don’t over Photoshop your images.

15. Upgrade your camera only when you’ve outgrown it.

16. Remember that you create the photo, the camera only captures it.

17. Be friends and work with other photographers.

18. Be patient, taking good pictures takes time.

19. Start your own photography blog, it will help you stay in focus.

20. Slow your pace and take night pictures with long shutter speeds.

21. Nikon or Canon, it really doesn’t matter. Only you matter.

22. Use off the camera flash when possible.

23. Start a 365 photo project.

24. Pick a photo you like from your favorite photographer and try to re-create it.

25. Know how to use your photo equipment, read the manuals.

These steps should help you take better photos. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let everyone know with a comment below.

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