2016 – Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

The 2016 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach proved to be another great event. The weather was perfect, the racing was exciting and of course the Lifestyle Expo was a blast. 

As usual, there are tons of photographers, with the media photographers and those who purchase a 3 day photo pass, there really isn’t any point in me showcasing photos of the actual racing itself, you can find tons of those online. Instead, I’ll show you want you really want to see, the promotional models!

From the Tecate Light models to the Continental Tire women, this year proved to be memorable event.

Casa Mexico Tequila Model

The Continental Tire booth at the Lifestyle Expo was really fun. They had an area where you could race to see who could remove the bolts of a tire faster than the person next to you. One of the promo models was really fast and showing the boys how it’s really done!

continental tire change

The Expo area and parts of the outdoors are packed with all kinds of booths selling and promoting different types of products and services. But the Tecate Light girls are always around at the various booths they have setup, after all they are one of the main sponsors of the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Tecast light promo models

One of the popular sets of models at the Expo were Danielle Alexis and Jessy Harris representing the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca booth. These two women were so friendly and fun, everyone that approached them for a photo also left with a smile!


Finally, the last two photos above, you can see that a few famous people participated in the Celebrity Race, in this case it was Brian Austin Green. I capture a few shots of him as he was giving out autographs.

Well, that’s the rundown for the 2016 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach featuring the promo models of the expo and grid area. Overall this event is loads of fun and a great place to learn, practice and enjoy using your DSLR camera. The event happens each year in April in the city of Long Beach California, so be sure to attend next time you’re in this region.

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    September 18, 2016 at 8:23 am

    SHowing the boys how it’s done? Wow, giving them BS empowerment aren’t we? They were paid and given extensive training of course they were gonna be faster at removing (not swapping out tires and bolting them back on) than the guests. You’re really pushing that narrative as if they are skilled. Give a man the same training or put these women up against an actual tire crew.


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